Friday, May 02, 2014

May - A Month of Reflection

So I decided to challenge myself for the the month of May, and write something every day.
I'm giving myself a personal challenge to share something each day in writing, which is a pretty big challenge for me considering all the other responsibilities on my plate these days.  In any case, I thought it would be a good way to get into a habit of writing more and creating a short and hopefully interesting little something for others to think about or integrate into their day.  Thus, with only two hours left in the first day of May, let's see how it all goes!

I'm not promising it will be amazing or insightful or particularly relevant to you as a reader, but I hope it will be honest and real, and that if you are open you might find a little gem hidden within whatever comes out each day.

I just returned home from the lululemon Ambassador Summit.  It was an incredible 3 days of connecting with inspiring individuals from all over the globe.   I was amazed at how open and warm complete strangers could be, and how quickly I found enriching friendships with certain people whom I never expected.  I was in awe at how willingly we all were to be vulnerable and honest in confronting and sharing some very personal issues in effort to release old beliefs and breakthrough into new uncharted futures; and between making bold requests, and visualizing futures without fear and doubt holding us back from what we really want to manifest, it was a very full and exciting retreat.

With so many surprising gifts, moments of great joy, compassion, and inspiration, coupled with a multiplicity of insightful tools to help take us to the next level in our own personal journey of transformation, I find myself still digesting it all, and sitting here with a deep sense of gratitude for everyone who was there and all the other individuals who were not physically present, but without their support it would not have been possible me to be there at all (and hopefully you know who you are).

The whole experience got me thinking more about how I approach the strangers in my world, and how many judgements I make about people I don't even know before they even open their mouth.  It made me wonder in what ways my experience of others, and the experience I have of myself in relationship to others would change if I approached everyone (from the beggar on the street to the lady at the bank) with the same quality of openness I approach the people whom I respect or admire.

How can I create the space within these brief encounters to truly see someone for who they are deep down inside: a beautiful embodied being with so much to offer - a person with the same insecurities, fears, hopes and desires as my very own inner self.

What if I took the time to really hear them, to hold a space for them to feel seen, to feel special, to feel safe?

How would that change them?

How would that change me?

How would that change the world?

Our actions can make all the difference. 


Jennifer Strukoff said...

I look forward to reading your honest insights everyday. I appreciate your glimpse into the ambassador summit and what it brought up for you. I would be very shy at a gathering like that.

Ashtanga Yoga Victoria said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Nourishmysoul said...

Such great thoughts! I am finding this especially important living so far away from home where basically everyone is a stranger. If you can hold your judgements back you can open yourself up to so many new opportunities for friendship : )

Missing you guys :)