Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Magic of New Life

Lovely little Lek, one of our friends on staff here at Yoga Thailand, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, September 29. Everyone went down to see the little one - she was only 4 hours old.
Twelve of us all crowded into Lek's hospital room to look at, to hold and touch, and admire the new little spirit who had just entered this world in human form. Beautiful. Both mother and child were so at peace.

It made me think of how for the most part, people in Asia are much more connected to birth and death. The presence of birth and death is acutely felt here. You see it on the streets, walking hand in hand. Life here is often simultaneously fresh and foul, and it is celebrated for being so. The mystery and magic of it all is still bundled together, and no one is interested in trying to pull the thread to unravel life's cosmic secrets. How refreshing it is to live in simplicity with people who are happy to be enchanted by the beauty and mystery of life on a daily basis. Welcome to the world New Little Spirit! May you always walk towards the Light!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Gratitude for Your Inspiration

Some people you meet in life you will never "get over." They come into your life and make a permanent home in your heart. You can try to release them, set them free, and let them go, but as soon as you turn around and walk away, there they are all over again. Even if you move to the other side of the planet... they travel with you, inside your heart. Even after years have past, you wake up some mornings and still feel their lingering presence.

I believe these are the people we know we've truly loved: Those individuals who have become a part of us. Those who have touched our heart so deeply, or inspired such passion, that you never find yourself alone again. The connection made, even if very long ago, remains unbroken despite all space and time, or even death. It cannot be unmade. Its steadfast nature supercedes anything created or imagined. To love is to surrender yourself to this life-long connection, and if you have ever truly loved someone, lost and found yourself in another, then you know exactly what I mean.

Looking back, there have been some meetings, friendships, unions and partings that have given me back to myself, and it has been through these individuals that I have come to search out the meaning of Who I Am. To these people I am ever thankful, and I want to say, "I love you." Not with a kind of love that fades with time, but with the only kind of love that is worthy to write about - the kind that deepens with age. Despite our distance, you are always in my heart, because you are a part of who I am. My life is a testament to you, and for your contribution and inspiration I am truly grateful.

That is Love: The sweet taste of memories, and a promise for the future. Knowing that we are but a small part of something much bigger than anything we could possibly conceive. Knowing that we are in this together, that we are One, despite our apparent separation.

True Love does last forever - It can be no other way.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Who's That Girl?

Just a quick update on what we're up to here at Yoga Thailand. First, as you may have notice - my hair has been chopped! I'm back to my sassy, no fuss, no hairbrush required style and lov'n it!
(For the record - Jeff loves it too!)

So, we're getting ready for our Retreat starting Sept.16-23. It is going to be a fabulous week of yoga, fun, sun, relaxation and transformation. Don't you wish you could be here to join in all the fun?-!!
Well, if you really want to - you can!

We have three more retreats coming up before the end of the year - so book your flight, and get over here to hang with us!