Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to West Coast Living!

We are back to Victoria - back "home" - and oh how good it feels to have a "home" to come back to... and one that is so stunning at that! Lucky Us! We've been visiting the ocean every day, and enjoying the intrinsic beauty of nature, just taking it all in - it's been a sweet return to this island paradise.

The air is clean, the sea breeze is refreshing, the sun is shining, and the food is fresh, nutritious, and delicious! We feel so blessed to be able to call this place "home".

We've returned from India with a new certification to teach at a more advanced level, which was the main purpose for our visit to Mysore.

In addition to this however, we were blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with many colleagues and dear friends, with whom we shared and learned as we reinforce the strong bonds in the international community of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners and teachers.

In a way our time there was a bit of a "graduation."

A time to reconnect with the lineage of this tradition, and to have Sharath express his full confidence in our ability to transmit the teachings of this practice, and to go on teaching what we have learned with full authority.

Now that we are back, we will focus on continuing to build and educate the growing community of Ashtanga Yoga Practitioners and Seekers here in Victoria with deep gratitude and humble sincerity for all that we have had the blessing to receive!

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namah Hari Om!