Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Quick Catch Up and Some News!

It's been much too long since I've written a post... Life has been busy needless to say! 

So let's not waste any time (Jediah only naps for so long!)

Here is a quick catch up of some events that happened this year so far...  
and some great things yet to come!

- - - - - - - - - - 

We started the year off with a strong practice and of course with all of you - such amazing and fantastic students - We are so blessed!

In March we hosted David Garrigues 

He taught workshop sessions on Primary and Intermediate Series, with some Mysore Classes and a little Kirtan to lift our spirits.  It was such a great treat to have him here to share with us! 

This of course inspired More Practice for Everyone! 

 Our beloved teacher Sri O.P Tiwari 

Tiwariji joined us here in Victoria at the end of May with his son Sudhir.  He taught an amazing workshop on Yoga Sutras and Pranayama, and it was our most well attended workshop to date! 

We were so happy to have so many dedicated Yoga Practitioners join us for this incredible opportunity to learn from and sit with a true Master of Yoga.  His energy and enlightened spirit lifted us all beyond belief, and we eagerly await his return next year... for his final year of traveling and teaching!
We expect he will come back near the end of October or early November in 2013. 
Don't miss out on this one!  He is a true gem.

Even Jediah was inspired to start reading a copy of the Bhagavad Gita (a mini sized one), 
while practicing his balancing on the armrest of our futon! 

David Swenson joined us in July!

David Swenson came and taught a weekend workshop, as well as a week long Asana Intensive on the Primary Series.  We had students from all over Canada, and the United States come to learn from this great Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.  
We even had one student come from Australia, just to practice and learn from David!  It was a wonderful weekend of laughter mixed with some hard work, and everyone had so much fun that the time just flew by! 

We were a little sad to have to say goodbye to David, as it was like having family around for us.  His energy and spirit are so true to the Yoga, and his authenticity shines through like a bright light.  
We hope to have him come back again soon!

The summer went by in a flash, as we completed one training program here in Victoria, and headed off to Calgary to start a new training group there.   
Of course we could get through a summer without visiting a park at least once a day so that Jediah could run, slide, swing, spin, jump, dance, and whirl like the wind! 
 Life never has a dull moment these days. 

In September we hosted Devmurti and Hari Amrit Khalsa 

This was our first ever Kundalini Yoga Workshop at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria.  It was a huge hit, with many new students coming to attend from outside of our Ashtanga Community.
Be sure to keep your calendars open for Sunday February 17th in the New Year, as we plan to host them once again!  If you missed out last time, this is certainly a workshop to check out. 

Now we find ourselves at the end of October already!  

The energy in the Mysore room has been incredible the past few weeks!
October has really sparked everyone back into practice, making this month one of our busiest months of the year so far... let's keep that momentum going into November and December, even if the days are getting shorter and cooler - the studio is warm and bright, and your practice will keep away all those colds & flus that start to fly around during this time of year.

So be sure to keep getting on your mat... even if you have to bribe yourself with a Coffee! 
(ha ha ha!)

Nikki & Sebastian will be here in December!

Now to some exciting news for everyone!  Nikki Pichert & Sebastian Arbondo will be here at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria teaching Morning Mysore from December 3 - 24.  It's going to be amazing! 

 Sebastian Arbondo discovered yoga in 1993 and has been practicing with dedication and devotion ever since.  Sebastian has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for 8 years with world renowned teachers, such as: David Swenson, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold, Rolf & Marci Naujokat.

Two years ago Sebastian founded his own Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style program in Osaka, Japan, where he teaches traditional morning Mysore practice throughout the year.

Nikki Pichert discovered yoga in 2006 after many years of competitive triathlon racing, swimming, and surfing. Since then she has studied extensively with her Ashtanga Yoga teachers Jeff and Harmony Lichty in Canada, Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa, India, Sharath and Saraswati Jois in Mysore, India.  
She has had the fortunate opportunity to teach Ashtanga Yoga in Canada, Australia, India, and Japan and to share what is in her heart with integrity, passion and devotion.  In March 2010 she was authorized by the Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India to teach the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa System.

"So if Nikki & Sebastian are here in Victoria... Where will Jeff and Harmony be?" 

Well... We'll be in Mysore, India! 

Visiting and practicing with Sharath Jois, our Asana Guru...

Trying to reclaim our "Yoga Bodies" of the past... 

Reconnecting with the Spirit and Energy of Mother India, and a deeper part of ourselves...

Taking some time to visit our Respected Teacher and Spiritual Guru, Sri O.P Tiwari...

Remembering Guruji.... 

Paying respect to his family, Our lineage of Teachers, and this wonderful practice of Yoga!

Taking some time to just breath...  

And maybe throw in a family scooter ride or two as well!  :) 

Don't worry... We'll be back before you know it! 

We will be re-inspired, refreshed, and Full of New Energy!  And if you think we're full-power right now... just wait and see what happens after a little sabbatical!  

In the mean time you have some AMAZING teachers here at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria who will continue to teach classes, and help answer any questions you have about this practice of Yoga! 

(If you want to read more about them, check out the new Teachers Page on our website)

It is my hope to write more frequently over the next few weeks and months to keep you current on all that we are doing and learning and planning for next year... so stay tuned! 

Oh... and one more thing...