Friday, July 29, 2011

One Year Later...

So, here we are... One Year Later.

A New Look... A New Year....

It is a tad shameful that it has taken us a full year to write a blog post about what we've been up to, and all that has happened... BUT hopefully after reading this post you'll understand how blogging about life may not have been on the top of our priority list (hard to believe I know!)

Life has suddenly become very full and yet sweeter then ever before!

It's our half year intention (we can have those right?-!!) to become much better at blogging about all the joy, love, excellence, challenges, struggles, growth, and everything else in between - ALL that comes with fully LIVING and leading a reflective and 'examined life' (enough to make even Socrates proud).

So here goes... the short & sweet version of the year as it has passed since we returned from India last summer!

Hang On - this is might get a little crazy...

Back in December 2010 we said a fond "Farewell" to The Shambhala Center, which was our home and landing spot since we arrived here in Victoria in the summer of 2009. We feel so fortunate for their kindness and support, and will definitely miss many things about their lovely Meditation Center!

We found a NEW and beautiful HOME in the heart of Old Town Victoria!

Market Square is a gorgeous heritage site that was built in the late 1800's when the city of Victoria was a hub of activity. It borders the trendy "LoJo" fashion district, and being only one block away from China Town, it is one of Victoria's oldest landmarks.

Finding the right location was Not an easy task... and once we found it... we had a LOT of work to do... this kept us busy right up until the New Year...

We officially opened our doors on JANUARY 1st, 2011... and despite a few minor glitches, everything unfolded pretty smoothly!

Classes began, and slowly but surely more students began to appear!

Meanwhile... while all this business was going on with finding and building a new Home for our growing Ashtanga Yoga community in Victoria, I (Harmony) was busy growing someone else!!

Still in early January, we were putting everything together, welcoming students into our new space...

...and hosting a Grand Opening party the second week of January!

During our Grand Opening Event on January 9th, lululemon and all the wonderful staff there made Jeff an Ambassador! Wow! We feel so blessed to be connected with such a phenomenal organization! THANK YOU.

At the same time, we were also expecting another kind of "ambassador" to arrive any day - The Captain of our Future Generation!!

Two weeks later, on January 29th - Jediah Om Douglas - came into this world to Light Up our lives! Daring us to Change, to become more Real, to get more Messy, and to Expand in a whole new direction.

Thus Begins "7th Series"...

February and March go something like this:

sleeping - what? practicing - what? eating - what? teaching - what? thinking - what?
How did this happen?? - WHAT? (Oh Right! - that's how! - seems like a long long time ago...)
Hang In! Hold On! There is a light... I can see it... almost through... pop! ouch! ahhhhh....

and finally... Sweet Surrender

And although we'll be the first to admit that we're still working through this whole new dimension of being a mother, a father, a family, we are starting to feel a little more comfortable in our new roles as parents and partners on this path of life long learning and loving.

Lots more to say on that front... but we'll save it for another day!

Two months later, Jediah gets a friend - Aya Rae! Sachiko Walton, our friend and fellow student, and AYVic teacher has a beautiful baby girl on March 26th.

In April... Jeff went to Calgary and taught at The Yoga Shala, and to Banff to help with a workshop that our beloved Teacher - Sri O.P Tiwari - was teaching. It of course was snowing in Calgary and Banff... but it was also snowing here in Victoria!

The day Jeff returned, he went in early to practice (as he always does) and the whole 2nd Floor of Market Square was filled with smoke! Holy Smoke?-!
He looked around everywhere, but couldn't find the source... so he called the Fire Department and Saved The Day!!
There was FIRE in Green Cuisine... and (thanks to God's Grace and Jeff's good timing) it didn't get out-of-control.

All this - just in time for Sri O.P Tiwari to arrive in Victoria, and bless our studio, and give our students the privilege of receiving his darshan.

The week long workshop was a great success! Tiwari taught pranayama in the mornings, we chanted together, and had a lecture with questions & answers in the evening...

It was a beautiful time with The Master. Having his presence in our space gave it an extra special boost of energy and prana. Having his presence in our lives gave Us a little extra special boost of love from the Guru.

We are so grateful to have had him here with us.

He is a living breathing example of True Yoga: "the science of experience and the art of living" and holds a lifetime of experiential wisdom within.

We humbly bow, and give pranam to his blessed feet.

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namah

This was the start of an incredible Teacher Training program that carried on through May and June and into the beginning of July.

What a great group of students we have learning and practicing with us!

We are so blessed by their presence every day!

And Finally... as we celebrated Canada Day... Chuck Miller joined us at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria to share his knowledge and 40 years of practice experience!

Students came from all over Canada, and the United States to join in this special intimate workshop with one of the living legends of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.

We feel so fortunate to have be able to bring him here to Victoria to bless our space and spread the deeper teachings of this practice to our students and everyone who came! It was a real pleasure and joy to have him here! Salt of the Earth!

And after all that... it's time to put our feet up! least for a few weeks anyway before we head off to Calgary and begin teaching our FABULOUS Ashtanga Yoga Training Program at The Yoga Shala Calgary!