Monday, February 26, 2007

A Grand Event!

Our chanting teacher Jayashree with Daughter Lakshmi and new son-in-law Vikram.

Happy Wedding Vikram and Lakshmi!

The first night of the wedding parade!

Our chanting teacher Jayashree invited us to their daughter's wedding. Weddings in India are tremendously huge events and this one was even bigger than most. It is a three day event. The first night that we attended started with a huge parade - it was like Noah's Arc, with the animals coming two by two - elephants, camels, horses, oxen... it was spectacular!

Some families end up going bankrupt to finance these things and I can see why! There were over 1000 guests invited to attend, and they serve food to everyone who comes.

Jayashree and her husband called us down to their house last week and "presented" us with some Indian clothes to wear as a gift... We were both surprised and honored by their gift.
They are truly very generous people!

We are happy to be home have a day of R&R after the whole event, but even happier to have had the experience.

Anyhow, I think the pics will give you a little snap shot of the mayhem... Another overseas experience!