Saturday, May 31, 2014

31 Days in May!

We've reached the end of May... the final day of my writing challenge!

Looking back I didn't do too poorly with it.  I actually surprised myself a little.  I only missed about eight days, so I guess I achieved somewhere around 75% of perfection!  More importantly, what this month has encouraged me to do is keep up with writing more frequently, which is a delightful consequence of challenging myself to write every day for the month of May.

I have received some wonderful feedback over that past 30 days, and I'm so grateful to know that some of my experiences, which were translated into words, have touched your hearts or lifted your spirits in some way.  So thank you for your support.  It really helped me through this month and motivated me to keep going.

We are in Ontario right now, somewhere north of Toronto sitting in a cabin over looking a lake.  It pretty much took us two full days (minus an overnight rest) to get here, but after a full night's sleep and a little time to take in the view, it sure was worth it!  This is a beautiful setting.  I'm feeling very Canadian sitting here writing, overlooking our natural landscape, and feeling the peacefulness of being completely immersed in nature, while listing to the morning birds sing and taking a deep breath of fresh, clean air.

We are here with Jeff's family, his two brothers, sister-in-law, their kids and of course his parents, as we're here to celebrate his parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  Now... 50 years - that's something to celebrate! 

Thus, in the middle of this vast and expansive scenery, we find ourselves in the midst of three generations; and it comes to mind that if our parents represent the past, and our children represent the future, then here we are in the balance of the two, weighing what has come before us, while trying to manage and shape what is yet to be.  We are the present.  It seems this is the key to everything:  AWARENESS of the PRESENT MOMENT.

As the month closes, I find myself contemplating time.  Time is slippery thing.  Forever moving.  Always elusive.  It is uncatchable; except perhaps, in those still quiet moments when we are able to sit in the seat of our own inner soul, and fully immerse ourselves in the present, when we become one with time per se, without thinking, analyzing, or judging - a moment of pure active observation: YOGA.

Life can feel overly full at times; but we are blessed with this unique opportunity to be on this planet, at this exact time in history, conscious beings, alive, awaking up more each moment.  I encourage you to make time in your day to seize those fleeting occurrences of calm, and remind yourself it is truly a gift to be alive!  

As Guruji would continually bring to our attention: "you are given, maybe, one hundred years, don't waste your time!

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