Sunday, May 11, 2014

Love for Moms

In India your Mother is your first Guru.  Mothers are honoured and given the highest respect.  It is incredible to experience the transformation from woman to mother in the land of India, as your status in society is immediately elevated with the birth of your first child.

Motherhood is a privilege reserved exclusively for women, and the ability to nurture and bring forth new life is a manifestation of Shakti (divine power) and is thought to be a great gift inherent in the female form.

I adore the way becoming a Mother is esteemed in India.  Culturally, I don't think we have the same reverence for our Mothers here.  I think many women feel becoming a mother will ruin their independence and depress their lifestyle.  We don't tend look at Mothers with the same eyes of admiration and respect, and instead many women are made to feel marginalized and no longer desirable after they have children.

However, Mother's Day is definitely an exception to the norm.  This is one day where we collectively stop and take the time to appreciate and honour our Mothers.  We give thanks for all the sacrifices they made, all of the organizing, driving, cooking, cleaning, volunteering, loving, and nurturing.  We make an intentional gesture to show our deep love and gratitude for their steadfast patience and endless hours of devotion to us over so many years.  No matter how old we are, to our Mother we will always be a small child, and she will love us as much as she did on the day we were born, and probably much more.

So today I am going to thank my Mother for being my first home, my arms refuge, and constant defender.  Thank you for your endless hours of time and energy you poured into all of my hopes and dreams over the years.  Thank you for sacrificing your own needs and desires to answer my every wish and prayer.

Thank you for always seeing the good in me, even when it was covered in a cloud of darkness, and for always giving me the best advice, even when I didn't ask for it.  I know we might not always see the world the same way, and that I don't always remember to say "thank you" or "I love you" but you are my first Guru and teacher and I am ever grateful for your presence and guidance in my life.

Now that I am a Mother myself, I can appreciate your dedication and devotion to your family so much more, and your generous heart and unconditional love is a daily inspiration for me in my own journey through Motherhood.

I Love You Mom.  Happy Mother's Day!

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