Saturday, September 06, 2014

A Summer in Mysore India

As many of you may already know, we spent the past two months in Mysore, India, with a small hand-selected group of students who were chosen to practice with Sharath Jois for a special course focused on deepening our understanding of this authentic system of yoga.

I took this time as a sabbatical, and allowed myself to be absorbed into the ever persistent call to present moment awareness that is necessary for diving deeper into oneself during periods of intense practice and learning.  Thus, I'm only writing about the experience now.  I can feel myself beginning to speed up again to the pace of North American life, and the last two months is already drifting into some distant memory.  Time is funny that way.  Especially time in India.

I'm not sure I've really processed it all yet, as we have not even reached our home in Victoria, but as the lingering exhaustion of the twelve-hour time difference slowly subsides, I am aware that something within myself has shifted.

It is difficult to exactly put into words what has changed, but I seem to have a greater sense of direction and confidence.

I feel honoured to have been counted amongst such a prestigious group of practitioners and teachers from around the world, and to have had this allotted time to share with them in our mutual struggles and triumphs.  I now understand that the difficulties of transmitting this authentic lineage of teachings are the same all over the world, and that those students who grab hold of this practice and experience the transformation that it will inevitably bring, are unique seekers of truth and higher wisdom.  I see what a blessing it is to be amongst those chosen to pass on this practice in the stream of the parampara; and I feel it is my duty to be a pillar for those who seek refuge from the onslaught of quasi-yoga classes offered on mass in the West.

I know that more will reveal itself to me as time passes.
For now, this is enough.

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