Sunday, December 09, 2012

Week One in Mysore - Complete

We've been in Mysore just over a week now.  We're settling in nicely, and Jediah is loving it here.  
We had a week of primary series practice, followed by many fresh baby coconuts.  

Today was the first day of led Intermediate series... the good news is we survived! 

It was a little harder then I remember it being, but I guess I did have a baby somewhere in there, and it has been a while since I've practiced a led Intermediate series class with Sharath, and on top of that I have been caught by the cold that is going around here!  
The entire room was full of Intermediate series practitioners, and about 3/4 of them were finishing the series.  There is certainly a high level of practice going on here in Mysore, and that is very exciting to witness and be apart of.

3 Words: Longest Headstand Ever!

Every Sunday there is Conference at 4pm.  Last week the room was fully packed with all the students here.  I would guess there are around 300 students.

 Sharath discussed the importance of Surya Namaskara, and that Vedic Chanting is meant to be used for Self-Transformation, and Svadyaya, as is the practice of Surya Namaskara.  Both chanting and Surya Namaskara helps to bring good health, good energy and positivity. 

He talked also about Sadhana (spiritual practice), and how you must keep practicing and also go through the process of transformation through regular Sadhana.  There are no shortcuts or easy ways to get the benefits of a deep spiritual practice, it is something you must experience for yourself. 

Sharath said, "you need devotion, dedication, determination, and faith in what you are doing if you are going to learn and grow." 
I really connected with the truth of this statement, and was happy to hear him express it in this way.

 Today we will go to conference again, and I look forward to hearing what more Sharath has to say this week.  We are happy to report that he is in great spirits these days, with lots of laughing, smiles and jokes, but also some very intense daily practice accompanying the lightness of his energy.

 Jediah waits patiently outside with all the shoes for Daddy to finish up with his practice.

 Jediah has a new friend Ananda, that he has met here as well.  They love playing together, and even went swimming together yesterday.   So far it is all a lot of fun for him here in India!

 Too much watching of the Goats, makes sleeping like a goat also happen! 

 Jediah discovers what REAL BAMBOO feels like... He tried to eat it like a Panda.

 We have been getting around on a scooter.  We went downtown yesterday - the longest journey out of Gokulam so far, and Jediah was so excited to see all the cows roaming the streets, along with the goats, dogs, pigs, and every other site and sound you could possibly imagine happening all around!

Don't worry... He won't go anywhere without a wand!  This one happens to be his favorite - a wooden kitchen utensil, that looks like a trident - a "Shiva Wand". 

 There is never a dull moment when in downtown Mysore... India is full of non-stop action!

 Since our last trip here, there have been a few developments, like a couple of big malls!  
So we stopped by one yesterday to get some Indian DVDs for Jediah - Bal Ganesha & Bal Hanuman (Baby Ganesha & Baby Hanuman) - Super Cute & Funny!  
On the way into the mall, there was a giant ball floating in a pool with a small child in it - Jediah thought it was super funny (as did we).  
What they will do for fun in India!  Zip a kid into a giant ball and have them roll around in a pool!

That's the update from the week so far... 
This week is Full Intermediate Practice for Jeff and I... 
Let's see what happens after Week 2!

Much Love to All from Mysore... xo HJj


Nicole said...

I've been wondering how the trip has been with a little one. Thanks for the lovely update! Looks like you are all having a great time. xo

Olympia B said...

I just came across your blog, lovely post and photos. Wishing you get the most out of your visit to Mysore.


Brad Fisher said...

Amazing! Looks like a great time! Happy Holidays!