Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sunday December 23 - Mysore Conference Notes

Last Sunday, December 23, was a really wonderful conference with Sharath Jois.  
There was much discussed, and so I cannot tell you everything; but here are some highlights of things
talked about, and touched upon that I found particularly meaningful. 

I hope that they help to inspire you as well, and continue to find deeper meaning and experience within your own practice wherever you may be!

A Guru is a supreme teacher.  He removes obstacles within the students.  The Guru is your guide towards liberation.  
The Guru is not your friend, he is like a father.  

The Guru puts light, strength, and knowledge inside you, so that you will not commit wrongs.  He helps with self-transformation and ultimately complete liberation.  He tells you how to direct your mind spiritually. 

Mother is the first Guru to everyone.  
A Mother is like 100 Fathers, for Mothers make the biggest sacrifice.  
In Indian culture, your Mother is the first person you should pray for, and give thanks for, then your Father, and then your Guru.  This is the order of importance within one's life. 

* * * * *

In your asana practice, the finishing postures are very important.  You should go into the postures slowly, and move out of them slowly.  The inversions are very good for circulation.  They help you to store more Amrita Bindu within your head, so that you live a long healthy life. 

Tapas - if you want to have higher levels of Sadhana (spiritual practice) you have to sacrifice many things that do not support your practice of Yoga.  

Without devotion it is impossible to understand what Yoga is. 

Jnana Yoga, Bhakti, Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Raja Yoga are all contained within Ashtanga Yoga - the Eight Limbs.   Ashtanga Yoga is not only asana practice, but it is the 8 limbs of Patanjali.  Asana is only 1 limb.  If you don't practice Yama & Niyama, what is the purpose of doing asanas? 

Practice will become more meaningful when you apply all the aspects of the eight limbs into your life.

Asana helps to bring stability to the mind and body, and without stability, bhakti and jnana cannot happen; however, you need to practice asana with a correct purpose.  If you are practicing correctly, it can become like a meditation.  You will forget everything else because the mind will become focused and centered, and then your mind will begin to change.  

The asana practice is a foundation.  It should be practiced daily, but asana is not the final stages of yoga.  It is just the beginning, where we start... 

A basic understanding of Yoga means that you should become more humble in yourself.  
Yoga is bigger then you. 

Well, there are some notes from conference last Sunday... just in time for tomorrow! 
Happy New Year Everyone!  May you be blessed in 2013!

 Om Sri Gurubhyo Namah! 
Hari Om

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you are a shining light Harmony. you bring me warm feelings of joy. much live to you and your beautifull Family. - Caleb.