Saturday, December 01, 2012

Arriving To The Arms of Mother India

Here We Go...

We left Calgary around 6pm, preparing for the 20 hour flight to India... Jediah was ready with his luggage and super excited to be going to "IN-DI-A!"  We were not sure how he was going to do on the long long journey to the other side of the world, but luckily we were blessed by God, as he slept half of the first flight, and half of the second flight, and some headphones and a little "Dora The Explore" went a long way to keeping us sane through it all! 

We arrived in India at 2am here, which is the middle of the afternoon for us back on the West Coast of Canada, with a 13.5 hour time difference.   As you can see we were all super happy to be on solid ground once again!  (Holy! - That's a Lot of Bags... )

The first day was so much fun - Even though we were completely jet-lagged!  After finding our house and dropping our bags we went for our first Indian Breakfast - Idily & Vada & Dosa... So Good!  Jediah loved the food, and Jeff and I were loving being back in India. 
It felt like coming home.  Our spirits relaxed immediately into a soft comforting space. 

We also introduced Jediah to his first fresh coconut, and said "hello" to all of our local friends here - the Indian people we've been visiting for the past 10 years...  It's hard to believe it will be a decade in 2013 since our first trip to Mysore!  What a great way to celebrate - here with our son. 

We have registered at The KPJAYI Shala, and start our first practice is tomorrow - with led Primary.
We are looking forward to getting into the rhythm of practicing early in the morning again, and all of the amazing openings we will have as we dive deep into the practice and consequently, deep into ourselves!

Stay Tuned... 

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