Monday, February 10, 2014

One More Month in Mysore...

Jeff has arrived back in Canada, meanwhile I'm starting the first week of a full month of single-parenting in Mysore, India!  This is certainly a new frontier for me!

If you are in Calgary you can practice with Jeff for a full week of Mysore classes straight from the Source!  - there is still a little space if you want to register or drop-in - please get in touch with us directly.  After this week he will be back in Victoria... so be on the look out islanders!

The longer you stay and practice here in Mysore, you realize that each month carries with it a very different feeling, and it is impossible to predict what each period of time will hold.  It's only when you look back that you can observe an occurring  theme.  Like many things, it is a strange phenomena that seems to happen here in this little microcosm more acutely then at home.

In many ways these changes are very quick and obvious with old friends leaving and new people arriving, and in other ways this change is much more subtle, and yet more significant overall - it is the hint of something deeply internal transforming within you.  

Sharath gave conference yesterday, as he does most Sundays, and it was again a very sweet gathering.  I will share some of the highlights I enjoyed with you.  My friend Nea Ferrier also has shared a lovely summary in her blog: New Memories: Home Cooking and Sharath's Conference 9.2.14

My Favourite Bits & Pieces from Sharath's Conference: Feb.2/2014

He touched upon the importance of Parampara (the direct lineage of teachers), "Yoga has to come from the Parampara.  You can't learn by watching a video or going to a conference or a workshop. A conference or video is like entertainment, but it cannot be an education in spirituality.  A real experience of yoga is different then entertainment.

Ashtanga yoga is about the transformation that happens within us.  Our perception of life changes.  It gives our life a new meaning.  Trying to realize what we are - that journey is called spirituality."

He used a great metaphor: "In life we are always running behind something... something that is ultimately unnecessary.  Everyone is running off to somewhere or running to do some training or workshop.  What are you searching for?  Where are you going?
Is it a new posture you are after?  Getting a new posture doesn't make you a good yogi.
Go to the Source which is within you.
Realize What You Are and Why You Are Here!'

"Don't run behind Yoga.  Yoga is within you."

He reinforced that Yoga is to create mental fitness through spirituality, but this must arise from within each person.   How you change and transform yourself through your practice - that is Yoga.
It takes time for the body to change.  We must be patient in our practice.
These days there is very little respect for Yoga and the power of it as a spiritual practice, and the power that is inherent within your own body and mind.

He reminded us about "samsara halahala mohashantyai" saying, Samsara is full of poison, but yoga teaches us how to bring peace to our mind through all different experiences. It helps us to manage the stress of daily life, and is like a "terrain management system" in a car.  (I'm not great with the whole car metaphor, but I get the general idea!)   

"Yoga is the only tool we have to spiritually transform yourself.  This Yoga is Not only an asana practice.  Asana is not the final stages of Yoga.  Yoga is Not just a physical practice."
Ultimately, Yoga is the realization of the Oneness of all.
To realize this Oneness you have to give up many things - anger, greed, fear, desire, and realize you are the same as everyone - you are not different.

"You are Prakriti - nature.  From the earth you came up and at death you will go back to the earth. Birth and death are a mystery, but what you do with the years you have living here on earth is the important part.  The effects of your actions here will remain."

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