Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Step'n It Up!

What a Fall!  Or is it simply the anxiety proceeding a FALL?-!

To me that's what this current season feels like.

Is it just me?
Or does it feel like an energetic shroud dropped onto Victoria the last couple of weeks?
It seems like everyone is fighting an internal tsunami of negativity and fear and it is more than simply a stuffy nose, cough or flu.

The fear of change is pervasive.  Uncertainty.  Big life transitions.  
It seems like there is an overall general breath-taking, overwhelming, anxiety in our culture at the moment, and I'm not sure where it comes from or why it's here.

Yet, in times like these, when I am on the verge of panic I realize that this is exactly the reason I practice yoga... All of our training is specifically for moments like these!
The real practice starts when the times are toughest.

I hear Guruji's voice shouting: "YOU BREATH YOU!  You breathing correct, fear going, pain going!"  And I think in that order.

Eventually we must all move our practice off our mats.
We must begin to stand tall - Samasthiti - in the face of nagging worry or anxiety. 
We must move from the core, and engage life with positivity, regardless of how we may feel in the moment. 

We must breath!
Big, Full, Ever-Expanding breaths, especially when we feel choked by life's challenges. 
We must engage the 4th bandha!  "SMILE!(Especially when we don't particularly feel like it)

Life is a series of choices! 
Are we trying to hide from our fears by pulling the covers over our heads, and sleeping in yet one more day?
Or do we choose to face the world, stand tall, smile, breath, and be the light we wish to experience.

Your city (wherever you may be), and your community need to experience your purposeful positivity.
 It needs your smile, your light. 
 It needs to sense your courage in the face of adversity.
So, what will you choose today?

Do I choose to get up, or choose to sleep late? 
Do I choose to lift my heart, despite feeling bone tired and fatigued, and smile anyway, or do I contract and give in to the negativity that surrounds? 

In times like these, we must refuse to allow our feelings to dictate our actions.

So, Step Up, Step Out, and Be Happy - if you wish to see happiness in the world!

Love you Guys.   Jeff

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