Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making Time...

So here we find ourselves stuck in this busy life filled with a million things to do, people to see, work that demands our immediate attention, text messages to send, phone calls to return, emails to check, planning our next week, or possibly our next year, rushing kids to activities, doctor's appointments, and all the other meetings or engagements that seem to relentlessly pop up, and then someone asks for a "small favour" and we're just about to loose it... but we stop & breathe, pull ourselves together, and add it to the growing list of things to do...

So, where in the midst of all the different, and seemingly important things that demand our constant attention, are we able to find the time to practice Yoga?  How do we find some time for Ourselves?

Now, I hear you... believe me - I can relate!  With a 9 month old son, who (bless his little heart), on most nights still feels the need to wake up every couple hours, try to think of your most hectic day and add chronically sleep deprived to the mixture, and you'll start to get a glimpse of my new "normal".

I've learned though that if you don't CHOOSE to MAKE the TIME, then you will NEVER FIND the TIME!

Time is funny that way - it's slippery!
It has a way of sliding through our fingers... "like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives... [insert music here]"  (hopefully a certain generation will be chuckling at this point!)

When we find ourselves overly busy, and becoming buried by life's complications, then it becomes even more important to create a sacred time, and space for our own Self - a time set apart for peace and practice.
It is during the busy times that we need our practice of Yoga the most!
It is during the busy times that we will feel the benefits of taking this time the most as well.

So set aside a piece of your day for silence, mediation, and a time to connect with your own body, breath, and spirit.

You will never regret time spent in communion with that deep, true, Inner Self.
You will make better decisions throughout the day, and I bet you will find that you can accomplished more as well.
Through the practice of yoga, you will find that your clarity of mind and creativity increases.
You will feel better physically and mentally, and you will find more balance and enjoyment amidst the periods of craziness.

So the question is Not how can we find the time to get back on our Yoga Mats for a Daily Practice, the REAL question is how can we possibly afford not to?-!

You need not take a long time... but make some time.

It is the best thing you can do!
Do it not only for yourself, but for all those other people who need you functioning at your very best, filled with peace and positivity!

Do it, because to miss it, is to miss out on your chance to truly connect with something very deep, untouchable, and unspeakable.
And you certainly don't want to miss out on that!


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Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Shira Fisher said...

It's so true what you are saying. "Be here now" and "Take Practice." Time does just slip away but a wise man once told me "the busier you are the more time you have!" It's a discipline to make time but it is possible and on days like today after waking up 2 times through the night to insure my daughter was well then waking again at 5:30 to get to the Mysore class it is so rewarding. Yoga is so many things and these days for me its a lifeline! Namaste