Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conference from Sunday January 13th in Mysore

This week we had a really special conference with Sharath. There were so many good questions and discussion about some really deep philosophical questions. 
 I will do my best to capture some of the highlights here for those of you who are here in spirit rather then in body! 
Although, as you can see, there are A LOT of people here these days!

Conference began with Sharath talking about how spiritual knowledge grows within you when you practice with your focus on the greater aspects of yoga, namely living the yamas and niyamas both on and off your mat.

He quoted a lovely verse in Sanskrit that said something like: when the Sun sets it takes back its rays, the harshness of the sun disappears. So it is with a Yogi who is established in the 3rd limb. The mind will become steady, it becomes wiser within, and all harshness disappears.
He also mentioned that dawn and dusk were very good times for meditation.

Sharath spoke of the Hatha Pradipika and how it emphasizes that without first becoming stable in asana, the other limbs of yoga are difficult to reach.  The asana practice brings stability to both the body and mind. The real yoga is nit what you are seeing on the outside, but what is happening on the inside, how it is transforming you.

"Samatvum Yoga Uycate" - he quotes the Bhagavad Gita, reminding us that true yoga is about being able to keep the mind balanced and steady under every circumstance, good or bad.
This is also Santosha - learning to be happy and content within no matter what the external circumstances are.

He was reminiscent of Guruji in saying that to be born as a human is very special...
We should "Think God, and don't waste time."
He spoke of the 4 stages (ashrams) of life in Indian culture, and how Yoga can happen through every stage. It can begin as a child learning to pray to God, and give thanks for waking up each morning, for food, there are prayers for many things...
Taking time to give thanks and focus on God can help to create more positive energy within you.

We cannot say that there is no God. We feel the energy all around - this Sharath would say is God. When you see this energy in a form, that form becomes God for you. Sometimes we see this energy in others and feel this energy in their presence. Each day when you practice you are feeling God.
Sometimes there is pain, but even in that pain you can feel God.
Sharath says with a laugh, "The pain is a sign that there is something inside waking me up!"

This whole life is full of difficulties and challenges... Try to awaken your inner joy!
Samsara is only outside us, but when we start to become influenced by our circumstances outside, then the Samsara moves inside also.

Yoga is a development that happens within, we can become more aware of it when we pay attention to how the practice is effecting us. We have to be responsible in this world and treat others equally. When we feel a sense of competition then we have forgotten the real essence of yoga.

"No one can own yoga.  You can share your experience, that is all."


Zee said...

"Think God, and don't waste time."

Thank you for sharing the notes with us.

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