Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Goddess of Magic, Love and Life.

Some images of Mother India.

May she inspire us to believe in magic, to love unconditionally, and to live as though there were no tomorrow.

For I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised
I am the prostitute and the saint
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter
I am the arms of my mother
I am barren and my children are many
I am the married woman and the spinster
I am the woman who give birth and she who never procreated
I am the consolation for the pain of birth
I am the wife and the husband
And it was my man who created me
I am the mother of my father
I am the sister of my husband
And he is my rejected son
Always respect me
For I am the shameful and the magnificent one

Hymn to Isis, third or fourth century BC,
Discovered in Nag Hammadi

Isis is the moon goddess of Egyptian mythology. Like Mother India, she is an expression of the inherent power of the divine feminine. She embodies great strength and a fierce spirit. She holds a capacity to love deeply, to give life and take it away, and represents the source of sustenance and protection for all of humanity.

May we allow her presence to nurture our hearts and minds as we live, love, learn, grow, and practice peace in our daily lives.

Jai Ma!
Victory and praise to the Divine Mother!