Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Guruji Update

Here is our friend Shirley's account of last Thursday and Friday (June 7 & 8) in Guruji's Yoga Shala in Mysore. What spectacular news! We are so happy to be able to share her thoughts and impressions with you since we were away in Dubai during this time...

"On Thursday, June 8th, Guruji came out and said the opening prayer before the Mysore class. He walked up to the front of the room and chanted it as powerfully as he always does. I found out later that he was so excited to get down to the shala, he was dressed and ready by 4:30 am. Sharath and Saraswathi had to tell him that he had another hour to wait! After class he was sitting in the office, and it was the first time since being sick that I was able to bow to him and touch his feet. Then without me even asking the question, he told me in a very determined voice that he was going be be back teaching in one week!

This morning, (June 9th) for usual Friday led-primary class, Guruji was back again to say the opening prayer. Then, it seemed to everyone's surprise, he started to count, without missing a beat, he moved right into leading the whole primary series class. He call the whole thing with all the vinyasa-s, and didn't forget a single posture or side for even a second. It was so powerful. At the end, he stood up without help, and said the closing prayer with such strength both in his stance and his voice. It was an amazing experience to witness. He's back!
I just can't express in words how inspired I am by him. I feel truly blessed to have him for our Guru!
With Love,

We too feel truly blessed to have Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois for our Guru. He is a true Yogi, and a living example of how powerful this practice really is.
Pranams to Guruji.
We humbly bow at your lotus feet.