Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Old Friends and Mysore Musings!

Biker Chick and the new helmet look! (Compliments of the new Indian Government helmet law which is in effect from January 2007) Jeff is giving me driving lessons, so I'm on my way to becoming an full on "biker-babe"! Look out India!

Pete purchasing oil in the market with our "new friends" who have guaranteed us unlimited incense for the entire time we are in Mysore! If you want to find some fantastic incense and oil head to the Mysore market and look for their shop!

Jeff and Colin at the Chai Stand on Colin's last day in Mysore... We miss you already buddy!

Our Local Chai Stand in Gokulum
Where you can often find us chill'n for a morning chat & chai.

We have arrived in Mysore! It's good to be back... it feels a bit like we never left!
It's funny how it is when you get somewhere that just feels like home - all the people and places seem to have a friendly familiar feeling about them, and each greeting encloses a happy reunion within it.

We arrived here about a week ago, just in time to have a cup of chai with our good friend Colin before he was to head back to the winter-wonderland of Calgary, Canada. Although it was a short visit, we had a fabulous time catching up with him and hearing about all his adventures through India. We now have the good fortune of meeting up with Pete. He is at the end of his journey throughout Southeast Asia, and is visiting us for 3 days before he also flies back to Calgary. Enjoy the Snow you guys!

We are busy settling into our apartment in Mysore, and getting back into the routine of practicing with Guruji (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois). Sunday will be our first led-intermediate class and I'm sure it will be challenging to say the least! We have a new bike that we are motoring around on, and we're sporting new helmets as well, as there is a new helmet law in Mysore!
One of the road signs here says it best: "Safety First Speed Next"

Overall, we've been having a most enjoyable time of catching up with old and new friends from all over the world. There are so many students here right now, and everyone is very pleasant and friendly. The energy in the shala is incredible. Guruji is vibrant. And Sharath and Saraswati are very busy, but still find time to make jokes and have a little laugh. It is a real blessings to be here amongst such wonderful people and dedicated students. It feels great to be back!