Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ode To Pete

For the Rock we call Earth - It's the only home we have.

Thanks for the visit, the great times, and good company! Thanks for the yerba mate too! We miss ya buddy, and hope you're enjoying the rest of your journey! You're probably off somewhere saving the planet, or at least trying to make it a better place, while we sit here on our porch and enjoy a coffee while looking out onto the beautiful garden that surrounds our little bungalow.

This thought reminds me that though we all approach life in our different ways, we really are all striving towards the same goal: To experience something deeper and more meaningful from the time we have here on this suspended rock floating in space. On some level we all want to feel true peace, to taste true love, and to enjoy true harmony within ourselves, in our relationships, and with the environment.
For some, this search becomes an external journey into unknown frontiers, and for others it becomes a discovery of mysterious internal states. For most, I suspect it is a mixture of both. Regardless of our "travel preferences" the lesson is the same, and somewhere along the way we eventually realize that we need not go much further then our own backyard to discover that what we really have been looking for has been with us all along. We have the opportunity to experience what we are after in each and every moment of the day - if only we would practice being truly Present.

Why wait until tomorrow when Now is all we ever have?